Refund Policy

For all products that are bought and/or paid for on this site, the following policy is applicable for refund of the fee that you pay for the product/service.

This refund policy is applicable ONLY for products/services purchased online on and Not for any classroom program or correspondence courses.

You can request for a refund of any fees paid you subject to the following:

1) For products that involve tests to be taken by you (Online tests), or videos to be viewed by you, communication of your confirmed intent to cancel your subscription must reach us before you take even one such test or before you collect from us the first test paper or before the first test paper is dispatched by us to you or before you have viewed any one of the videos available in the package.

2) In all cases where you make a refund request, the request has to come to us in either one of the two forms given below:

A) In the form of an email sent by you from the SAME email address which was submitted by you to us at the time of registration for the product/service
B) In the form of a letter signed by you to reach our registered office at Ward No 2 Near Sacred Heart School Suratgarh 335804 Distt. Sri-Ganganagar, Rajasthan.

3) This policy is applicable for one subscription only(i.e. Monthly Plan)

4) You can’t get refund on every test, this refund will be paid only once for single monthly subscription only.

5) Refund process takes 10-15 days, and its totally upon on decision of Admin of Bhatia Ashram Pvt. Ltd.

6) Refund paid through Cash, Electronics Mode or Paper-Mode depends on Admin Bhatia Ashram Pvt. Ltd.



Bhatia Ashram Pvt. Ltd.